This document governs Terms of use of URAL EMS platform and all its services listed below. By using URAL EMS platform / services you hereby agree to abide by these terms.

Terms & Conditions for AMBULANCE SERVICE

  • As the owning company, WOADEC Ltd. preserves URAL EMS on Google Play Store so that People of Bangladesh can download URAL EMS app for free and use it for Emergency Medical Service purpose to call ambulance to take critical patients to hospital.
  • As the owning company, WOADEC Ltd. preserves URAL EMS Driver app on Goggle Play Store so that Ambulance Drivers can download the Ural EMS Driver app for free and use it for providing Emergency Medical Service.
  • WOADEC Ltd. shall be responsible for maintaining URAL EMS and URAL EMS Driver App.
  • WOADEC Ltd. shall train Ambulance Drivers to use URAL EMS Driver.
  • Ambulance service period is 24/7.
  • Minimum 30 Minutes Lead time after service booking is required.
  • The minimum Fare will be charged as Emergency Support Service Charge for availing this service. If for any reason the customer refuses to take service after order confirmation and if the ambulance reaches customer’s pickup point, only the Emergency Support Service Charge will be applicable.
  • URAL EMS or its representatives are not liable for any direct or incidental loss or damage of the client’s property or personal security during availing the service, caused by accident, theft, burglary or any other type of incidental damages.
  • URAL EMS or its representatives shall not be liable if patient dies in ambulance on the way to hospital or back to home.
  • The client is singularly responsible for monitoring, using and supervising the activities of the resource provided by service providers.
  • URAL EMS shall not be held liable, if its ambulance partners or service providers involve in any illegal activities or move illegal goods.
  • By availing the service, the client automatically absolves Ural Ems from any claims or legal/moral liabilities other than stated in the Terms of use specified by Ural EMS.

Terms & Conditions for OTHER SERVICES

  • Ural EMS provides Home Doctor and Health Checkup service in a collaboration with affiliated partners.
  • Health Checkup and Report Delivery at home is currently available in Dhaka and Chittagong only.
  • In order to facilitate and accelerate the delivery of healthcare services, Ural EMS has entered into a contract with other healthcare providers. Ural EMS or its representatives are not responsible for any inaccuracies and inconsistencies in providing services from these healthcare providers.
  • Delivery charge is applicable in case of sample collection and report delivery at home.

This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. The construction and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh.