National Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (NITOR) is a 500 bed tertiary center, receiving referral patients from all over the country. The following departments are working side by side with co-ordination between each other: Casualty department, Outpatient department, In Patient Services at NITOR.

Orthopedic subspecialty is a present day need for developing country like Bangladesh to ensure best care of orthopedic and trauma patients. In Bangladesh, we have to face a huge burden of trauma patients, which is gradually increasing day-by-day so all orthopedic centers including NITOR, is mainly `engaged in treating mainly trauma patients. In spite of this, NITOR is still delivering services to non-traumatic patients as well. Though hospital has no separate departments for orthopedic subspecialties like spine, hand, sports injury, pediatric orthopedics, adult reconstruction, arthoplasty etc., it is providing subspecialty services sporadically. Recently separate units are formed to develop organized subspecialty services in NITOR and units started working under the guidance of unit chief who have special skilled in respective field.

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