AC Ambulance

This ambulance provides continuous air conditioning. The base fare for this type of ambulance is BDT500 and minimum fare is BDT 1000. There will be a paramedic/nurse and an oxygen cylinder with the vehicle. Additionally, there will be lifesaving medicines available in the ambulance.

2 thoughts on “AC Ambulance”

  1. 1.I live on the Dhaka University campus. How long (appr.) the ambulance may take to reach my place?
    2. Is registration required for calling your ambulance?

    1. 1. It may take around 10-15 minutes approximately.
      2. If you order via the app, you need to register with your phone to search ambulance nearby. You can also book here- or you can call on our hotline +8801969906555 to book ambulance as well.

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