Estimate Fare

Before you book an ambulance estimate the fare. That is how, you can book with better confidence. To get instant help please call URAL 24/7 hotline +880196 99 06 555.


ICU Ambulance
This is the ambulance type with intensive care for the patients. This is our high-end ambulance, which will be provided…
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AC Ambulance
This ambulance provides continuous air conditioning. The base fare for this type of ambulance is BDT500 and minimum fare is…
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Non AC Ambulance
This is the most basic non-A/C ambulance type. The base fare as well as minimum fare for this type of…
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Freezer Ambulance
A freezer ambulance is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has freeze box in it. The freezer ambulances can intact…
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URAL’s News

App-based Ural EMS provides medical ambulance facilities Earlier, people had to contact a hospital to call for an ambulance, but…
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First ambulance app service launched Bangladesh’s first app-based medical ambulance service — URAL EMS – has been launched recently. With…
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First app-based ambulance service launched Bangladesh’s first app-based ambulance service URAL EMS was launched recently. With the slogan “Be a…
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