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Before you book an ambulance estimate the fare. That is how, you can book with better confidence. To get instant help please call URAL 24/7 hotline +8801969906555 .

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Air Ambulance
An air ambulance is a specially outfitted helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transports injured or sick people in a medical emergency. Like ground ambulances, air…
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Health Check at Home
Now you can check your health status without leaving the comfort of your home! URAL EMS in collaboration with Thyrocare,…
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ICU Ambulance
ICU Ambulance is one of the high-end ambulances which provides intensive care for the patients. In general, Intensive care patients…
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AC Ambulance
This ambulance provides continuous air conditioning. The base fare for this type of ambulance is BDT500 and minimum fare is…
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Non AC Ambulance
This is the most basic non-A/C ambulance type. The base fare as well as minimum fare for this type of…
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First time in Bangladesh, URAL EMS introduced a convenient and simple emergency medical service platform. It is a location-based service that makes hiring an on-demand ambulance easy from mobile or desktop. With the tap of a button on smartphone device, hire an ambulance during emergency to pick up your critically ill patient and take him or her to the desired hospitals or clinics.
URAL EMS helps saving lives. It aims to transform the health space by bringing transparency in the ecosystem and ensuring faster ambulance response time. 
Woadec Ltd maintains, develops and owns this platform.