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Before you book an ambulance estimate the fare. That is how, you can book with better confidence. To get instant help please call URAL 24/7 hotline 09638880888 . Fastest Ambulance Service Bangladesh.

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Earlier, individuals had to contact a hospital to concern AN auto, however with this app, individuals will considerably scale back the number of your time to decide one An app-based medical auto service, by health school startup Ural EMS, has recently launched—making it Bangladesh’s 1st online emergency medical service to decision ambulances in shut proximity. Earlier, individuals had to contact a hospital to concern AN auto, however, with this app, individuals will booknow hereconsiderably scale back the number of their time to call one. The purpose of AN auto is to induce a patient to a hospital, as presently as possible; the introduction of this app will facilitate save lives by providing a much-needed quicker service in traffic-congested Dhaka. Ural EMS presently provides an identical auto service via their app and center. The fare for the service is calculated supported by the gap cosmopolitan and also the style of auto used. The four forms of auto offered are customary (noncool), air-conditioned, medical care unit (ICU) or internal organ auto, and Deepfreeze (for transporting the deceased). The ICU auto is that the costliest, and features a team consisting of doctors and nurses with an entire ICU setup within the vehicle. the bottom fare for AN ICU auto starts at Tk1000 and the minimum fare is Tk3000. “The base fare should be paid if somebody involves AN auto so cancels it upon arrival,” aforementioned Abu Raihan, digital selling specialist at Ural EMS. Ural EMS has already started in operation in Dhaka. Earlier in July, they signed a note of Understanding (MoU) with Olwel baccalaureate Ltd. With this integration, AN Olwel doctor will refer a patient to the correct hospital if required. In an announcement, Shahriar Farid, co-founder and business executive of Woadec Ltd, the corporate that developed the app, said: “At gift, we tend to square measure teaming up with government stakeholders, the doctors’ community, hospitals, and auto house owners.” The app is presently offered for mechanical man devices on the Google Play Store. Official counts show that quite three-and-a-half thousand ambulances square measure in operation across the country— of that around solely 2 thousand square measure properly registered. however the unofficial figure isn’t but ten,000, which is much on top of what the authorities claim. In a 2016 investigation, the Dhaka apsis found that they offered ambulances that were unequipped to hold patients. According to care professionals, a regular auto ought to have: a bed, AN O tank, a medical instrument, a pressure level mensuration machine—and a first-aid box equipped with antiseptic drugs, sterile gauze, and saline. There ought to ideally be a doctor within the ambulance; however, if that’s impracticable then there ought to a minimum of being a paraprofessional United Nations agency will use the instrumentation just in case of emergency. But, excluding some highly-equipped and costly ambulances happiness to Dhaka’s elite hospitals, most of the offered ambulances solely have a bed ANd an O tank. In most cases, patients suppose drivers and their helpers—most of whom have little or no education. they’re solely capable of victimization the O tank. To obtain a privately-owned, non-AC, auto – among the bounds of Dhaka town – one needs to pay between Tk700 and Tk2,000, on average. the value depends on the gap, time of day, and also the condition of the vehicle. The average value of a personal cool auto is some double that of a non-AC ambulance—from Tk1,500 to Tk3,000. Elite hospitals, that have fashionable ambulances, don’t typically charge patients individually for transportation. the price of the ambulances is enclosed within the overall bill for treatment. Often regular non-public ambulances carry patients from the capital to different districts. That prices around Tk8,000 to Tk10,000 per trip. It is calculable that there square measure concerning ten,000 ambulances in the Asian nation, and 5,460 of them square measure registered. Fastest Ambulance Service Bangladesh.URAL EMS Facebook Page

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An air ambulance is a specially outfitted helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transports injured or sick people in a medical emergency. Like ground ambulances, air
home diagonostics
Now you can check your health status without leaving the comfort of your home! URAL EMS in collaboration with Thyrocare,
ICU Ambulance is one of the high-end ambulances which provides intensive care for the patients. In general, Intensive care patients
This ambulance provides continuous air conditioning. The base fare for this type of ambulance is BDT500 and minimum fare is
This is the most basic non-A/C ambulance type. The base fare as well as minimum fare for this type of


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First time in Bangladesh, URAL EMS introduced a convenient and simple emergency medical service platform. It is a location-based service that makes hiring an on-demand ambulance easy from mobile or desktop. With the tap of a button on smartphone device, hire an ambulance during emergency to pick up your critically ill patient and take him or her to the desired hospitals or clinics.
URAL EMS helps saving lives. It aims to transform the health space by bringing transparency in the ecosystem and ensuring faster ambulance response time. 
Woadec Ltd maintains, develops and owns this platform.

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